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The best way to receive honest feedback on the quality of an internship program is to read the words from those who went through it.  The 2017 Intern testimonials link below includes 41 written testimonies and the 2016 Intern testimonials link below includes 34 written testimonies.  These testimonials prove the quality of the experience you will receive as a DOZ Intern – – check it out!

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2017 Interns

Jalen – IUPUI – Audit Intern


Going into the internship, I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect. However, I became comfortable and confident that I could perform the work after a very well thought out, involved first week of training. This internship was the perfect “test-drive” to see if I wanted to pursue a career in public accounting. I will be the first to admit, the internship is challenging. But, that is exactly what I loved about the internship. DOZ expects a lot out of interns, but that is because they believe that they are capable of doing the work. One thing that I really liked about the internship is the constant and honest feedback that I was given throughout the entire process. Everyone that I received feedback from was honest, and that is what helped me improve throughout my internship. As promised, I also received bi-weekly evaluations with Tim Doyle. Also, DOZ implements a “buddy” program, where you are essentially given a mentor throughout the internship. DOZ allows for hours throughout the internship to go out to lunch with your buddy. I really enjoyed the program and my buddy helped me meet others throughout the firm. Another aspect that I would not expect to see at internships with other firms is the extracurricular activities that accompany the internship. I had the opportunity to play basketball and ultimate frisbee with others throughout the firm, which provided another way to meet people within DOZ.  One thing that I was worried about going into the internship was the “niche” market of low-income housing that DOZ is involved in. I thought that the work would become monotonous, and I would become bored with the process of the audit. Well, I was completely wrong. Each audit and engagement provided additional challenges, and I truly learned something new performing each audit. Overall, I believe that DOZ’s internship program is truly one of the best internships in the Indianapolis area (if not the best). I will recommend DOZ to any accounting student pursuing an internship or full-time position.

James – Purdue University – Tax Intern


Coming into my internship at DOZ, I was extremely nervous. All I had to show for tax experience was the basic level class I had taken at Purdue. However, as soon as I arrived for my first day here, I knew I was in good hands. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to help. The training you receive is a little long, but it was some of the best training I had ever received, and made it super easy to transition into real tax returns.

The hours seem long at first, 55-58 hours, but they flew by. If anything, I enjoyed my 55-58 hour work week more than my 40 hour/week internship over the summer because time flew by so much quicker, and the experience I was getting was second to none. Not only that, but you really feel a part of the team; you never feel like “just an intern” at all. Actually, you really feel a part of the DOZ family. The people here really do care about you. During my internship, I unfortunately had a close family member pass away, and to my surprise, DOZ gave me a week off to be with family, sent flowers, and even showed up at the services to say their condolences. I can’t imagine many companies would do all that, especially for an intern during busy season.  I will never regret my decision to take a spring internship at DOZ, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to as well.

Nick – Indiana State University – Audit Intern

nickAccepting an internship at DOZ was an awesome decision that I made in my professional career. My internship was a bit prolonged due to not wanting to give up playing football just yet. DOZ was willing to wait for me and to intern after football was over. That, in itself, shows what type of people DOZ has to offer. They realize everyone has priorities in their lives, and DOZ is willing to work with you. DOZ ensures that the internship is mutually beneficial, and I feel like I greatly benefited from the experience. An internship at DOZ is a full time job experience in an internship time frame. The hours on paper look long, but actually doing the hours is nothing; the days fly by. I walked away from this internship knowing that I was counted on to complete full audits for DOZ, and that was very satisfying and motivating. I now have an understanding of public accounting that you cannot receive in the classroom. You can only experience it here at DOZ. My knowledge of auditing has grown more than I could have asked for in this past 3 months. My advice to anyone who receives the opportunity to intern at DOZ is to take it; you won’t regret that decision. I am very fortunate that I was able to complete this awesome internship.

Cody – Indiana University – Audit Intern

codyThe internship at DOZ was amazing. I wanted an experience that would allow me to learn and grow, not only as a young professional, but as a person. DOZ greatly exceeded my expectations in both. From the biweekly meetings with Tim and daily conversations with the audit seniors, managers, and staff, to being given the responsibility of a full-time employee, the internship allowed me to discover just how enjoyable a job can be. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity I was given to work as an intern at DOZ.

I was challenged to exceed the firm’s and my own expectations from the very beginning. The environment created by everyone at DOZ allowed me to do just that. Throughout the internship, I was able to work on or complete almost every type of audit that DOZ does. I was expected to complete 32 audits during my time at DOZ, and going into the final week, I was beginning work on my 48th full audit. On top of that, I had written over 40 reports, completed 20+ final report reviews, and did work on another 20+ audits. That goes to show not only the importance of an intern’s work, but also, if you push yourself, you can begin to really understand the reason behind the work you are doing, and excel past what you thought was possible going into the internship.

I do not think there is another internship like this anywhere, and my time at DOZ has been incredible.

Working for DOZ has been one the most beneficial experiences in my life. I have learned so much from working here for the past couple of months. I learned how to work under pressure and see how hard I could push myself each day. The learning curve is rather large, but if you just keep practicing, you will be able to do it. I never thought in late December that by March I would be doing returns I thought were impossible before.

Andrew – Indiana University – Tax Intern

andrewpoThe family at DOZ are some of the greatest co-workers you could ask for. My boss was the best I have ever had; she continued to give me harder work as I asked for it. This helped me to get to a place where I could feel very proud of by the end of busy season. This internship was a great decision, and I would recommend it to anyone else looking for a way to challenge themselves.




Courtney – IUPUI – Audit Intern

courtneyAfter receiving my offer from DOZ, I was very excited but nervous. I had no experience of auditing, nor did I truly know what it even entailed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to survive working 11-12 hours per day and 63 hours a week. I thought it would be nearly impossible to reach 63 hours a week, but I had an open mindset about the entire experience. I also was concerned about taking a semester off from college, and I often questioned myself: “Am I doing the right thing?” I knew I was introduced to DOZ for a reason at the job fair, and I was going to make the most of my internship no matter what. I soon answered my question that it was a wise decision to take a semester off from college, and I would do it again for sure. I have met so many people at DOZ that have definitely had an impact on my future, and have molded me more into the business woman that I hope to be one day.

DOZ has not only been a 12-week internship where I have come to work every single day, completed my work that was assigned to me, and went home, but instead, DOZ has become a second family to me. I have enjoyed coming to work every single day and working 12 hour days. I enjoy completing all different types of audits and seeing the impact that I have as an intern to represent DOZ. DOZ is a great place to work, and no one will ever be a stranger to you. Asking questions and learning as much as possible is essential, because it will develop you into a better worker and also a valuable asset to the firm. I enjoy the atmosphere that DOZ provides every single day, where even working long hours creates a sense of happiness in the firm. I can confidently say that DOZ has taught me the process to complete an entire audit, and has given me more knowledge about auditing than when I started. I am glad I chose DOZ, and I am grateful for the experiences that they provide to their interns. I would highly recommend that if given the opportunity at DOZ, to not hesitate but instead accept it in a heartbeat. I am glad that I chose DOZ for an internship.

Andrew – St. Joseph’s – Audit Intern

andrewplDOZ’s internship has been the most rewarding experience since I have been in college. The DOZ internship was a tremendous learning opportunity that challenged me each and every day. DOZ promised to provide the most challenging internship experience, and they were true to their word, as I completed 30+ audits and wrote the reports for these audits. The amount of responsibility given to an intern is something that you don’t see at other firms, and I believe this is what helps you grow, learn, and excel at the work. From working alongside staff, to getting reviews from managers, to asking questions to the principals, you truly are working with everyone.

It was easy to feel a little intimidated and nervous at first, as the work and the long hours seemed overwhelming, but DOZ provides you with the necessary tools to succeed. They surround you with staff members who are always willing to help and answer questions. You receive evaluations and feedback every two weeks to see how you’re doing and how you can keep improving. Being an intern during busy season at DOZ is more like being a new staff member than a stereotypical intern, as I was tasked with completing audits from start to finish within the first week. DOZ really trusts and empowers the interns to contribute a large amount of work to the firm’s busy season.

DOZ’s internship is one of the most valuable experiences you can have, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain actual experience as a public accountant.

Sean – Purdue University – Audit Intern

seanInterning at DOZ was an experience I will never forget. I was hesitant at first whether or not I wanted to accept the internship and forego my spring semester of my senior year at Purdue, but I could not be happier I did, as I walked away with invaluable audit experience. Throughout my internship, I was treated as if I was a full time staff. When I was offered the internship, DOZ told me I would be completing 30+ audits from start to finish, an opportunity no other firm was offering, and DOZ held true to their word. Although it was very challenging handling that much responsibility as an intern, every employee I worked with was more than willing to offer help when needed. I was able to receive biweekly performance evaluations that allowed me to continually improve my work. In addition, I was able to meet with a member of the firm every two weeks where I received valued advice both for my work as well as in life outside the office. There is no other firm that does anything like that. I am very thankful for the experience I had at DOZ.


Alyssa – Ball State University – Tax Intern

alyssabI was lucky to get this internship on a bit of a whim, and I am very grateful for it. What I had heard about internships is that you basically just do all the basic work and the prep work, which is the complete opposite of an internship from DOZ. I never thought that I would have my own cubicle space with my own computers to prepare real live tax returns for clients.  Obviously the return goes through more of a reviewing process, but I actually have a part in preparing the returns.  This internship by far exceeded my expectations, and I feel that I have learned a tremendous amount of information in the short busy season time.

Not only was the internship rewarding, but I love the environment that DOZ has.  They care about their employees, and do things during busy season to help improve health and many other things. Even though the many hours that get put in puts stress on a person, the upbeat attitudes and activities that are a daily occurrence help get through the ‘taxing’ time of busy season :). Overall, this internship was both informative and rewarding. 

Kevin – Butler University – Audit Intern

kevinoMy DOZ internship experience was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had during college. I had heard of the Big Four internships before my senior year, but I was lucky enough to find out about DOZ during my senior year. I first learned about DOZ’s internship during a career fair at Butler University. The representatives talked about the culture at DOZ and the knowledge that I would gain from the internship. I am glad I listened to them and applied for the internship, because I have learned more during my time at DOZ than I ever would have in a classroom. The staff at DOZ was willing to help with any question that I had. From a general accounting question, to a question about the firm or internship, the staff was happy to talk with me about the issues that I had. I never expected to learn so much in such a short amount of time. I felt like the firm gave me a large responsibility immediately after training. I was expected to perform an audit from start to finish, which seemed intimidating, but I quickly learned that this was the best way to get better at my job. I learned which things I did well, and which things I could improve on. The things that I needed to improve on could be applied to both my time at DOZ and as an accountant in general. The staff provided constant feedback with specific instructions to help me improve on future audits. I am very lucky that DOZ took a chance on me, because I was able to grow as a person and as an accountant during my internship. I highly recommend that other students learn about DOZ, because they offer as much as a Big Four firm, if not more. The biggest difference is that DOZ puts family first, and at DOZ, you are family.

Jake – Butler University – Audit Intern

jakehMy internship experience at DOZ exceeded that of all the others I had completed before, and has re-shaped my idea of what internships are supposed to be. It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my college career.

The workload is everything that a college student looking for real-world experience could ask for. At Butler, the business school functions on one simple phrase: Real Life. Real Business. Throughout my time here, I have found that DOZ is no different. DOZ truly values its interns. DOZ has high expectations from day one. Interns are expected to learn quickly and adapt, but it’s all in pursuit of improving the individual and firm.  All the work assigned to interns is challenging and meaningful; it is “Real Business”.

DOZ also exemplifies the “Real Life” aspect. The company culture at DOZ is unmatched. There was never a moment during my three months here that I felt I did not have the resources I needed to succeed. The employees at DOZ, everyone from first-year staff to the partners, truly care about your success, both as an auditor and person. At DOZ, you are given feedback on every audit you complete to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, which helped my growth tremendously. My in-charge and managers were never hesitant to sit down and help me through items that I was struggling to comprehend. The culture outside the work aspect is also phenomenal. The people here at DOZ are welcoming, friendly, and eager to get to know you.

Connor – IUPUI – Audit Intern

connorWhen fall recruiting came around, and I began searching for an internship, I was unsure of where I wanted to work or if public accounting was even the right choice for me.  What I did know was that I wanted to be challenged and find a firm that I share the same values with.  The day before the career fair, after applying to nearly every firm in the Indianapolis area, I came across DOZ.  I could tell from the beginning that DOZ was different than the other firms, and as I completed the interview process, I knew DOZ was the right fit for me. 

Completing the DOZ internship is an extremely challenging experience, but so rewarding at the same time.  DOZ promised me that I would complete 30 audits, and that they would take an active role in my growth as a professional.  They delivered on that promise, and exceeded my expectations.  By the end of my internship, I completed the fieldwork and wrote over 40 audits.  This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the staff at DOZ.  Your teams will expect you to work hard and be flexible, but in return will always be there for you and glad to help. You’re given honest but constructive feedback on nearly a daily basis, and you will notice your improvement on every audit.

This internship has by far been the best learning experience I have had in college.  To really see what DOZ is all about, you’ll just have to see for yourself whether or not it’s a good fit.  I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in public accounting!

Chloe – Ball State University – Tax Intern

chloeThe DOZ tax internship has been a really rewarding and challenging experience. At the start of the internship, I had zero tax experience, and didn’t really know what to expect. However, this was not an issue because I was not expected to know anything when I started. I learned a ton of new information during the training period, and continued to learn as I encountered different issues on returns. All of the people I have interacted with have been wonderful and supportive, which is important when you are spending 50-58 hours a week around them. Whenever I had a question, there was always someone to lend a hand.  I have learned so much more than I had imagined throughout my time at DOZ, and I am definitely glad that I had this internship experience.


Aurora – Purdue University – Audit Intern

auroraTalking with DOZ at Purdue’s fall career fair and interviewing on-site at the DOZ office were both extremely fun and welcoming experiences. I remember walking out of the on-site interview thinking “wow, that was awesome!” I will admit, however, that I was hesitant afterward to take their spring internship offer. I wasn’t sure how everything was going to work with my financial aid, my graduation date, and where I would live in Indy for the semester. However, I believe it is vital as a student in accounting to graduate having some experience during a busy season, and after getting everything worked out, I figured there was no better place to gain this experience than at DOZ.

I felt very challenged and overwhelmed at first with long hours and my lack of auditing experience. However, all of the DOZ employees were more than willing to help and assist me whenever I needed it. I gradually became more comfortable with living in Indy, auditing, and working the long hours, and towards the end, I was sad to be leaving! I learned so much and met so many great people at DOZ, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Alyssa – IUPUI – Audit Intern

alyssalWhat I enjoyed most about my internship at DOZ was the atmosphere. Everyone I met at DOZ was always willing to help. It didn’t matter if it was a staff or a manager. I received one on one help from all levels, and was never looked down on for not knowing something. They always used it as a learning opportunity and helped me think through the problem, instead of just doing it for me. That is just one trait of DOZ’s caring atmosphere that I love. Another aspect would be that everyone was welcoming. I never felt like an outsider. From day one, everyone took me in as a new member of the team without hesitation.  And lastly, the employees at DOZ truly care about each other. Anytime I was having a tough day, my buddy would just sit and let me talk about my frustrations so I could get them out, even though she had work to do. One day halfway through busy season, we were able to leave work early just as a thank you for working so hard. I also had to attend a funeral during the internship, and my in-charge told me to go visit with my family and not worry about the work for a few days because family is more important. DOZ knows that people are the most important, and really do treat each other as such. Combining those traits with an internship where I completed nearly 40 full audits and learned more about auditing, real estate, and business in general than I could have ever imagined, is priceless. I could not have had a better internship with any other firm. DOZ is a special place to work, and I know I am leaving my internship stronger and smarter than ever.

Jake – Purdue University – Audit Intern

jakedWhen I spoke with Tim and Lauren about the internship at the career fair, I did not really believe them when they said that I would be completing 33 audits in 12 weeks.  However, they kept their word.  The experience that DOZ has given me is unparalleled.  I hear from other students at Purdue about the tedious tasks they have to do at their internship, but I did not get that at DOZ at all.  At DOZ, I was treated as a full time staff.  Throughout the internship, I got to work for eight different clients, which gave me quite a variety of audits.  I was lucky enough to do audits on properties still under construction, audits right off of development, and audits on properties that have been running for 15 years!  This was great because I got to see properties in all stages of the “life cycle”.

 But all in all, the absolute best part of the internship is the people.  I do not know how they do it, but somehow DOZ manages to bring in the best people around.  They make the 63 hour week feel more like a 40 hour week.  And whenever you are stuck on a problem, there is always someone willing to help.  I am grateful for the opportunity that DOZ has given me, and I would recommend this internship experience to any student interest in accounting.

Shannon – IUPUI – Audit Intern

shannonDOZ’s internship program is beyond compare. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked my first busy season at DOZ. My time here has been rewarding and challenging. It was hard work, but I’ve learned immeasurably in the process with people who were more than happy to help me succeed. DOZ was able to provide an experience with hands-on training, one-on-one meetings to discuss performance feedback, and exposure to numerous types of audits. These components made for a fulfilling, productive internship in which I could track my personal growth as an accountant and auditor.

From my first office visit, I knew that DOZ was a special place. The employees of DOZ take time to nurture the growth of new staff, which I very much appreciated. Each person here has been gracious and treated me like I was a valued member of the team.  Over the course of these three months, I have become a more confident auditor with much greater skill than when I started. DOZ truly invests in their employees, and it shows in the quality of the work and culture of the company.

My time here has been tremendously positive, and I would recommend any student who is interested in public accounting to pursue an internship at DOZ. It is an experience that will pay dividends.   

Rene – Ball State University – Audit Intern

reneWhen I first started hearing about accounting internships, I didn’t consider a busy season internship because I was planning on graduating in 3 years. However, after I heard about DOZ, met the people, and visited the office, there was no denying that I needed to experience the firm, so I pushed my graduation date back. As someone who often doubts whether public accounting is the right fit for me, I was extremely nervous to work 60-65 hours a week doing something that I didn’t know if I was passionate about. My attitude changed during my internship after I experienced the people at DOZ. The relationships I was able to build are what made the long hours, challenging audits, and deadlines worth it to me. My audit teams never failed to make me feel like a valuable member of the team, and cared about my life both inside and outside of accounting. The staff was relatable and always willing to help and encourage me.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to intern at DOZ. I learned an incredible amount about the accounting profession, auditing, financial statement preparation, etc.  But overall, I am taking away much more. DOZ gave me invaluable opportunities to grow in independence, problem solving, and relationship building. There is no other firm where I would want to pursue public accounting!

Kelsey – IUPUI – Tax Intern

kelseyWhen I first started this internship I was nervous, but everyone here tries to make you feel welcome. The training helped tremendously, but I found the best help is when our returns get reviewed. The reviewers spent time going over our mistakes and showing us how to correct them.

There are stressful days, but those were even more rewarding because I was able to get through the return. The best part about my internship is working with the other employees. I got to work with great people and I could not have asked for a better boss. Everyone here is treated like family. All of the employees wanted to help me succeed and become better throughout the internship. They would answer questions, but they also pushed me to think through the problems, and think of the different ways to find the answer. I learned much more in my internship here than I have in a classroom, and it is such a great opportunity.


Sam – Indiana University – Audit Intern

samMy internship at DOZ was the most rewarding experience I could imagine! Working over 60 hours a week and completing over 40 audits, I got the full busy season experience that I wanted.

Going into the internship, I hadn’t taken an audit class, so I was nervous about how I could complete the audits that were assigned to me. The first week of the internship consists of training which teaches you everything you need to know to be able to complete an audit. The staff were very helpful and answered any questions that I had about my audits. Being new to auditing, I had a lot of questions for my first few audits, and the staff happily answered every time. Getting feedback and a grade every two weeks was also a stand out for the internship. It allowed me to see if I was improving overall and it also showed me what I needed to improve to get a better grade.

Overall, this experience benefited me a lot in my professional life. I will use this experience throughout my career!

Lauren – Indiana University – Audit Intern

laurenLike most of the other interns, I was very nervous going into the internship, knowing that I would be working 63 hours/week doing something that would be very challenging. However, I quickly learned that DOZ is a very special place where people truly care about your growth and well-being. I felt welcomed on the very first day, and my fears were calmed because DOZ knew that almost all interns were coming into the internship with absolutely no knowledge of auditing. The goal is to learn and progress. I have learned so much during my time spent here because everyone is willing to take the time to help you if you have questions. The feedback after each audit and biweekly evaluation kept me up-to-date on my performance, which will undoubtedly improve as long as you apply yourself and stay focused. While it was very hard to leave IU my second semester senior year, I have no doubt that I made the right choice to come to DOZ, and I have greatly benefited from being here.


Matt – Ball State University – Audit Intern

mattfMy “internship” with DOZ was a little bit different than most. I started as a full-time hire in December of 2016 without any DOZ internship experience. The firm did a great job of maintaining the idea that I was on the same level as an intern, just without the end date of employment.

The training period was exciting.  The excitement was building to finally be doing the audits that we spent so much time talking about in classrooms. DOZ did a great job of introducing the majority of items that would be seen during an audit during the training period. The first audit is difficult and scary. You almost forget that you just had training on what to do, and will get a list of review notes for items that were not done properly, could have been done better, or do not need to be done. The review notes are incredibly helpful going forward. By the third or fourth audit that you work on, you start to get into a rhythm. The most important thing for me was to stay calm and remember that I am not expected to have a perfect audit turned in. It was only the first week!

By the second month of the “internship”, you realize that you sound like all of the professors and guest speakers that you’ve heard before. You begin to fully understand the debits and credits of real world accounting. You’re no longer presented a problem from a textbook, but rather a real-world issue that involves critical thinking, and using resources including the General Ledger, audit package, and phone a friend (a.k.a ask a coworker). Each problem is different, and with each problem you feel as if you grow and become more knowledgeable about accounting, auditing, and yourself.

The third month is where it begins to get tough. Over 10 weeks of 60+ hours of work each week begins to test your mental toughness. You find yourself having a little less energy each day through the week. Until one day you realize that you are nearly 90% done with the internship and you can easily survive another two weeks. Looking back at when you first started, you understand that it is not nearly as tough now as it was then.

At the conclusion of the internship, you realize exactly how much you have learned, not only about your future career, but about yourself. The DOZ internship is a great experience that allows you to see different types of audits, and learn how a certain journal entry impacts more than the two accounts you enter the transaction into. DOZ’s internship allows you to understand the various aspects of an audit. You are not going to be testing cash for 13 weeks. You will be testing revenue, testing property, testing a company’s debt obligations, and several other items. I am glad that I accepted this opportunity. I feel more knowledgeable than other students who have only tested cash and few other areas of the financial statements.

Walt – Ball State University – Audit Intern

waltMy internship experience at DOZ was incredible! You go from walking into the building for the week of training not knowing anything, to walking into the building a week later on Monday feeling like you still don’t know anything! This is a pretty scary experience, but DOZ goes through this every year, and they expect questions while you are struggling through your first audits. A large majority of the staff surrounding you has been in your exact shoes at DOZ, as they went through the internship program to get to where they are today. It is a relief seeing the knowledge that these employees have, and knowing that by working hard and giving this internship your all, you can obtain that knowledge. If you are thinking about an internship but are a little hesitant because you think you don’t know enough about auditing, STOP! You will never feel like you are ready, and there is really nothing that can prepare you for the experience you receive at DOZ.

You know this company actually cares about its employees because they show it! They do this by giving every intern a “buddy”, who is a person that you can ask anything to, and by providing you an evaluation every 2 weeks, including evaluation discussions with a partner.  In addition, you’re given meaningful and challenging work, and all the resources to help you excel. You always know what is expected of you because they are great at communicating and not leaving you in the dark. There are great people at DOZ! They have gone above and beyond meeting the expectations that I had set for a work environment and internship experience!    

Eric – Purdue University – Audit Intern

ericWhen I was first offered an internship at DOZ, I was extremely nervous.  Working 60+ hours a week and taking a whole semester off from school seemed intimidating.   Also, coming in with no previous auditing experience made me feel that I would be at a disadvantage.  However, during my interviews and talking with staff and managers, I realized they wanted me to succeed and would work with me.  On the first day of training, I realized that was true, as I never felt on my own or lost.  There was always somebody there to help me.  During the internship, I learned a lot about both auditing and not.  Bi-weekly feedback always kept me on track, and let me know where I needed to improve.

It is hard work and definitely requires commitment and dedication, but by the end you come out a much better individual.  To anyone interested at an inside look at public accounting, I would extremely recommend an internship at DOZ.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity to intern here.

Mark – Purdue University – Audit Intern

markMy internship at DOZ has been a unique and valuable learning experience. Looking back on it, I can easily say that I have no regrets about taking a semester off of school for it. It may have pushed my graduation date back, but now that I’m through it, I can’t imagine having finished college without ever completing an audit start to finish, or working a day in busy season.

Working at DOZ was a great atmosphere. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff thrown at you during training, and there were definitely times on those early audits where I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. However, the staff knows this, as they’ve been through the exact same thing, and they are always willing to help you understand something new. DOZ grows through their internship, and as a result you feel valued as an intern. You can tell that your growth as an employee is always a priority of theirs.

I went into my internship expecting to learn as much as I could about accounting, and DOZ delivered. What I didn’t expect, but found that I value just as much, is the growth and experience I gained as a professional. Working over 60 hours a week is tough but taught me a lot about what life after college and working a full time job will be like. I value my time more than I did before, and feel that I came out as a more mature employee.

Landon – Ball State University – Audit Intern

landonBefore I met with DOZ, I had been selected for a study abroad program to Italy over the winter of 2016-17. Upon meeting with DOZ, I ended up receiving an offer for their internship program, the dates of which conflicted with my study abroad opportunity. As a junior, I was young to undergo an internship process in Accounting, but I knew that participating in the internship would benefit me more than traveling to Italy. I don’t regret the decision I made, as I enjoyed working for and with the people at DOZ. I was able to meet most of the firm’s auditing department, and work alongside them. Not only does DOZ want you to learn, they want you to succeed. As a junior, the internship was difficult for me, but I was able to learn the things I had trouble with by going over them during the weekend. To conclude, I would recommend this internship to any accounting major with the slightest interest in auditing.



Marisa – IUPUI – Audit Intern

marisaWhen I got the offer to do an internship with DOZ I was so excited! Then I was immediately nervous at the thought of 3 crazy months of 30+ audits and 60+ hours a week. Everyone tells you it goes fast and more often than not they were right. From looking down at the clock and hours just seeming to disappear to looking at the calendar and thinking the same thing about the weeks, the whole experience really flew by. I think this is completely attributable to the awesome people at DOZ. Most of the people had been in my shoes and remember feeling like they had no clue where to begin, and they laughed with me all the way through it.

The most exciting thing for me was seeing what we learn in class in action. Everything just clicks a little bit more when you are watching it happen and making it happen right in front of you! There is nothing like seeing that your hard work in class can translate into the workforce. DOZ has been an amazing place to learn and grow, and there is no place I would suggest more than DOZ for an internship.

Victoria – Ball State University – Audit Intern

victoriaInterning at DOZ was an overwhelming and challenging experience to say the least. I had no prior real-world accounting experience, and I had no idea what to expect. Having finished all of my classes prior to beginning this internship, I thought I knew a lot about accounting. I found out that I knew almost nothing about auditing. Twelve weeks later, I feel very knowledgeable on the auditing process, but there is still A LOT to learn. The environment is not totally conducive to learning as busy season is so fast paced, and it feels like the goal is to get the work completed, not spend time trying to understand. Now that I have a busy season under my belt and know the basics, it is time to really try and learn the concepts so I can be better prepared next busy season. Unlike my friends’ internships where they only learned to audit cash, I learned to audit every balance sheet and income statement account. Even though DOZ is focused on the low-income housing industry, I feel the skills I have acquired will be applicable anywhere I want to work in the future. Unlike any other job I have had, you don’t learn everything there is to know in a few weeks and become an expert. Working at DOZ would be a growing experience everyday, even if you spent the rest of your work-life there. Sometimes that feels frustrating, but it would definitely be better that way in the long run (you’ll never get bored!). DOZ feels like a family, and the relaxed atmosphere of the firm is definitely needed in the midst of the stress of busy season.

Katelynn – Ball State University – Audit Intern

katelynnDOZ prides themselves on the sense of community and the strong culture within the firm. After completing my internship with DOZ, I can confidently say that the company truly is unique. When I accepted my internship offer, I wasn’t sure what to expect from working 63 hour work weeks and performing audits I originally knew nothing about. However, after 12 weeks, I have learned so much and feel very confident in my decision to participate in the spring internship. It helped me grow as an individual and expand my knowledge beyond what you can learn in the classroom. An internship with DOZ truly was a great choice for my career, and I am fortunate to have been part of such a great internship program.



Matt – Ball State University – Audit Intern

mattnWhen narrowing down my options for an internship, I wanted to intern at a place that was known to have a good culture.  During the interview process, everything I heard about DOZ was positive and that the people enjoyed working together.  On my first day of my internship at DOZ, this was seen right away.  All levels of management welcomed me and treated me with respect from the first day of my internship to the last day of my internship.  The culture at DOZ is truly special, and the positivity everyone brings to work each day is hard to find, especially during busy season.

Reflecting back on my internship, I have seen myself improve tremendously, not only as an auditor, but as a person too.  During my internship, I was challenged constantly with difficult tasks, but the staff was always willing to drop whatever they were doing and help me.  At times, it was very difficult and frustrating, but interning at DOZ has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for.  

The way DOZ treated me as a staff and as a person, and the endless opportunities they offer for real world work experience, is truly unmatched.  If you want to be challenged and see what public accounting during busy season is like, then I highly recommend the internship at DOZ!

Kendyl – Ball State University – Audit Intern

kendylMy internship experience at DOZ offered me a learning opportunity that far exceeded my expectations. The internship was challenging and put my skills to the test, while allowing me to grow as a professional and tremendously increase my confidence.  The staff at DOZ are very welcoming and make it a point to make the interns feel like a member of the company.  In addition, the culture of DOZ is one that is laid back and unlike many others in this profession.  I saw the vision of DOZ “to provide a client experience that cannot be had with any other firm” come to life at my internship.  Not only did this company strive to provide an unparalleled client experience, they go above and beyond to ensure an intern experience that sets you up for success in your future endeavors within this field. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone pursuing a degree in accounting.  


 Christina – Ball State University – Audit Intern

christinaGoing through the internship process at DOZ has been a great experience. The thought of completing over 30 audits in the span of just a few months is a daunting one, but quite the accomplishment when all said and done. Starting out in busy season is definitely a kick start to your career, and in all honesty pretty overwhelming at first. DOZ did a great job at making this a less stressful time. The harsh reality of the situation is: You have no idea what you’re doing at first. That’s okay! The experienced staff and seniors have done a great job of answering all of my (many, many) questions, and were completely expectant that I would have them. This is such a great way to learn, and I have learned more in three months than I think I could have learned in an entire school year.

This experience has been about more than just the learning experiences, though! This is also about finding a place that you can see yourself coming to day in and day out surrounded by others who want to succeed. That is something that I have certainly found at DOZ.

Austin – Ball State University – Audit Intern

austinI knew DOZ was where I wanted to intern once I heard about it from a friend who was an intern at DOZ. I was contacted directly by someone inside the firm because I was recommended by that friend, and right away I was blown away by the communication and how they said I could talk to them about anything and truly meant it. During the internship, the hours are long, and sometimes you can get frustrated or disappointed when you can’t figure something out, but the days fly by, and there is always someone there to talk to that will help you understand the problem. All of the people who work at DOZ are incredibly friendly, and it makes the days a lot better. Right away you are treated as a full-time staff and are respected by all. I have no hesitation talking to a senior manager or partner when I see them. There are evaluation meetings with a partner every two weeks, and I thought that was huge because no other firms do that. I learned a lot at DOZ, and it really helped me fully understand a lot of the concepts we had learned about in school. I highly recommend taking an internship at DOZ.


Danny – UIndy – Audit Intern

dannyMy internship with DOZ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to date. I went into this internship completely blind, knowing only a couple of people and knowing very little about audit work. It was a struggle in the beginning learning all of the new concepts and techniques of audit. Now looking back, it’s amazing to see the growth in my work. My time at DOZ not only helped me improve as an accountant and business professional, but much more as a person.

I can go on about how rewarding and great of an experience this internship was, but I want to point out one thing specifically, and that is the people.

DOZ is a place that values each and every member of the firm. I’ve worked at many places, and only at DOZ do you see each employee looking out for you and wanting you to succeed. At DOZ not only are you working with the brightest people, but you are working also with the most genuine people. DOZ truly lives by its “Work hard, play hard” attitude. People here want to be successful, but also know you need to enjoy yourselves. I truly enjoyed coming into work each day and working with the people here at DOZ.

Looking back, I am extremely proud of my decision to intern at DOZ. I have learned so much more about the audit process and about the housing industry. I am extremely thankful to have been provided this opportunity.  If you are looking to be challenged, work with great people, and be rewarded, DOZ is the place!

Andrew – UIndy – Audit Intern

andrewbDOZ is an amazing place to work!  If you are expecting an internship full of boring, menial tasks like getting coffee and donuts, this isn’t the place for you.  You will be challenged each and every day to improve and grow.  I learned more about auditing in 3 months at DOZ than I ever did in school.  If you haven’t taken an auditing class yet, this internship will give you a great advantage when you do.  The staff are friendly, patient, and exceptionally helpful.   I was treated like a peer rather than just an intern.  There will be times when you feel overwhelmed and you don’t think you can do it anymore.  Then you will look to your left and to your right and see the people right there by you, working every bit as hard, and realize they are feeling the same thing.  That person beside you is perfectly willing to drop their work and devote their full attention to helping you solve the problem. That is what makes DOZ so great.  Everyone supports everyone else!  

It is truly a team atmosphere of people with common interests and goals who are just as willing to help with a particularly hard audit as they are to chat about the game from last night.  You will meet friends along the way who will grow and learn with you, and at the end you will look back and realize that you succeeded!  You truly accomplished something that you never thought you would be able to do only 3 months earlier, and you will be better prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way.  It’s cliché, but DOZ really did change my perspective on my career and my life.  I highly recommend an internship with DOZ to anyone looking for a great experience.

Tannor – University of Southern Indiana – Audit Intern

tannorThe DOZ experience is one I will never forget.  It begins with a week of training, where loads of information was put in front of me, and my nerves began to tick.  Week two, I dove straight into completing audits from start to finish.  Stress was evident in the beginning, but quickly dissolved thanks to the support of my teammates.  Throughout the entire internship, DOZ treated me just like staff, providing ample room for professional and academic growth.  Although challenging, this was by far the best decision I have made during my college career.  DOZ not only upheld all of their promises, but provided a home away from home that I could enjoy spending 63 hours per week at, thanks to the firm’s unparalleled recruiting efforts.



Greg – Butler University – Audit Intern

gregThe Audit Internship with DOZ has been an incredibly worthwhile experience. I was definitely intimidated at first, both by the amount of hours and the type of work, but from my first day working, I never felt overwhelmed, which really speaks to the culture at DOZ and everyone’s willingness to help when you need it. When I was searching for an internship, I wanted something that would show me what working in public accounting is really like, and that’s exactly what I got at DOZ. Audit interns prepare audits from start to finish, and get a chance to write reports, which really gives you a complete picture of the audit process. Taking accounting and auditing classes teaches you the terminology and the basics, but it’s incredible how much more I was able to learn by actually doing it in the field. If you are seriously considering a career in public accounting, and want to experience the entire audit process, I would highly recommend the DOZ busy season internship.



Galina – Indiana State University – Audit Intern

galinaDOZ’s internship program is by far a challenging and rewarding experience. Completing a whole audit from start to finish can be overwhelming at first, but the entire staff is dedicated to help the interns understand the process and the reasoning behind it. They are always giving feedback on what was done correctly, and how to improve in other areas. This is a huge confidence booster, because these review notes can be used on future audits.  Getting biweekly evaluations was a great stress reliever, because I always knew where I stood and how I was doing. Working over 60 hours a week is tough, but the days go by quickly.  I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn and work hard.


Tylene – Ball State University – Audit Intern

tyAny internship opportunity will be a good learning experience, but my DOZ internship was more than a good learning experience. DOZ offered an experience which I believe no other firm can really compare to. My time at DOZ has really taught me a lot, not only about auditing and accounting, but also about myself.  Thinking back to our first week of training, I never thought I would have gained so much knowledge and confidence in my work over the 12 weeks I’d spent here. Every other week we got to have a one-on-one meeting with Tim, a member of the firm, who truly wants you to strive in the environment that DOZ offers. The meetings allowed for you to really notice your progress and realize all you’ve learned, which is really unique to DOZ. DOZ is full of wonderful people who are here to see you succeed.\



Luke – University of Southern Indiana – Audit Intern

lukemThe internship program provided by DOZ is the most important step I have taken in furthering my education, bar none. At first the internship was a daunting task, and I didn’t know what to expect arriving in December. The first week was welcoming, and the staff in charge of training were informative and approachable. The training was thorough and provided a general overview of the auditing process, and over the following weeks interns were broken down into “war rooms” consisting of 5 interns and 2 staff on average. This is where I learned the most and really came to grips with the entire concept. At first the 63 hour weeks were a new obstacle, but after a few weeks it became easier. The DOZ internship is a tremendous benefit in building work ethic, learning the ins-and-outs of audits in the housing market, and creating a professional network.


Luke – Purdue University – Tax Intern

lukerThe decision to take a spring internship and miss a semester of college can be difficult. I can confidently say that it is a rewarding experience. As a tax intern, I was mostly working independently. This was daunting at first, but the culture at DOZ is very inviting and welcoming of any questions when problems arise. I had little previous experience before the internship, and can say this internship taught me more than I have ever learned in a classroom. This internship has been very valuable professionally, and DOZ is a great firm to experience public accounting at. I would highly recommend DOZ to anyone looking to see if public accounting is for them.

2016 Interns

Chris – Purdue University – Audit Intern

chris-landInterning at DOZ was an incredible experience.  I was promised at the Purdue career fair to complete 30+ audits, be treated like staff, and make a difference.  DOZ kept their word.  In just a couple of months, I completed 32 audits, wrote 36 reports and reviewed nearly 30 final audits.  There is no other internship in the Indianapolis area that will give you the opportunity to make that difference.  DOZ is the toughest internship out there, but I am 100% confident saying it is the best internship out there.  Every single day I was challenged to become better and better.

Every two weeks you get evaluated by your in-charge and meet with a partner.  The only way to get better at your job is to talk about your performance.  These bi-weekly evaluations helped me to drastically improve my skills through the internship.  Most internships evaluate you once or twice throughout the internship.  Evaluations are where you get better, and the more you have, the more you can improve.  Not many people can say they met with a partner every two weeks to talk about evaluations.

DOZ told me “your word is gold” at the career fair.  They meant they will always keep their word and treat you with the utmost respect.  This was the most important thing to me when deciding where I wanted to intern.  DOZ kept their word.  Everything they promised me during the recruiting process was true.  I worked the 30+ audits, I got the full busy season experience by working 60+ hours a week, I met with a partner every two weeks to talk about my performance, and most importantly, I loved the people at DOZ.  DOZ has an incredible staff ranging from first year staff all the way up to partner.  They all genuinely care about your work life, but more importantly, they care about your life outside of work.

If I were to do it again, I would absolutely choose DOZ.  They kept their word and helped me to become more professional and a much better auditor.  I would tell anyone trying to decide where they want to intern during a spring semester to choose DOZ.

Evan – Indiana State University – Tax Intern

evan-fleschnerWhen I was first offered the internship with DOZ, I was excited, but nervous. Working around 55 to 58 hours a week for a little over three months seemed like it would be very exhausting. It was. However, it was completely worth it. I came into this internship with some prior experience in tax, but DOZ offered something completely different. I can safely say I have never been more challenged in my professional life than I have been at DOZ. From the first day, I started to have thoughts of “what did I get myself into”, but I kept pushing and things started to click.

Everyone at DOZ is so willing to help – no matter the issue. I never felt like I was “just an intern” during my time. We were part of the team like everybody else, and I always felt welcomed by my full-time peers. We accomplished difficult goals together, and we also had opportunities to celebrate together. Though some days were admittedly stressful, it seems like we were consistently rewarded for the hard work that we put in. Interning with DOZ is absolutely an opportunity you don’t want to pass up should it present itself.


Brandus – Ball State University – Audit Intern

brandus-mitchellThe internship at DOZ is second to none!

The internship at DOZ exceeded my expectations of what I thought an internship could be. I was treated like a full time staff member from the start of my internship till the end. Not only were the staff very approachable and knowledgeable; I was setup for success due to the design of the internship program itself. DOZ schedules you so that you are continuously gaining knowledge through experience. I was able to jump right into year-end fieldwork with confidence. The hours were long, but the work was meaningful. When I felt as though I was getting burned out, there were “Intern Games” that provided a break from the daily grind of audit work. I know that choosing to intern at DOZ was the best decision I could have made. It literally changed my career path!



Austin – Purdue University – Audit Intern

austin-gosnellAccepting my offer from DOZ for a spring internship was a tough decision. I had so many factors to consider, but I am so glad I did. Purdue students are most likely aware of the Fall Career Fair on campus. I remember walking up to upwards of 20 booths seeking internships from companies like Rolls Royce to Aldi to Kimberly Clark. But one company took me by surprise. DOZ not only gave me answers, but also told me I’d be challenged working for them. They definitely kept their word and challenged me more than I imagined any internship would. There were times where I struggled, but I had help from the DOZ team and was able to work through it. I personally want to thank DOZ for giving me more confidence in my accounting abilities. I learned more here than I ever did in the classroom, and I appreciate the opportunity to work for such a great company.

If you have the opportunity to talk to any of the individuals here at DOZ, you’ll understand when I say that the environment here is always friendly.  I know I can talk to anyone here and feel comfortable doing so. I highly recommend asking about future Office Visits if you are interested in DOZ. One of the biggest influences on my decision for the right internship was taking a trip down to the firm for the Fall Office Visit. It’s unlike any other office visit I’ve personally experienced, and I had a great time. Also, DOZ has a great feedback system on the work that you perform, which certainly helped me grow and develop my skills as an accountant. I always looked forward to our one-on-one meetings because I got to see how I was doing and what I needed to improve on in the future.

I know I made the right decision when I chose DOZ.

Brandon – Indiana Wesleyan – Audit Intern

brandon-gayDOZ’s internship has been the most rewarding experience since I have been in college. I had not heard of DOZ going into the recruiting process, and it almost seemed too good to be true with everything that they had to offer. Having gone through an entire busy season, they had provided everything they offered and then even more. I am convinced that DOZ has the best spring internship for college students, from the great location, to the people, and the large amount of accounting skills learned throughout. The most surprising part of the internship to me was the importance and value that DOZ put on all of the interns. We weren’t just another number on a piece of paper for them. We were expected to make a difference within their busy season. Of course it seemed overwhelming at first, coming into training week and wondering if I was going to be able to learn how to complete an entire audit, but this internship gave me so much experience that my confidence level went up each and every day. It is truly an experience that I am thankful to have.


Evan – Indiana University – Tax Intern

evan-antonnenI enjoyed my time here at DOZ. There is a big difference in the experience of a tax intern and an audit intern. As a tax intern, I worked mostly independently and was in training for longer than audit interns. I like working in Excel and solving problems, and that is exactly what you do on a partnership tax return. At first, I had a large amount of information thrown at me, and it did seem a little overwhelming. But, no one is expecting interns to understand everything about low income housing partnership tax returns right away. Everyone was willing to help when I had a difficult time with a return. Tax interns do work independently on the return, but not in isolation. I sat next to staff level accountants who have worked at least one busy season here before, and they were always a valuable resource for any questions I had. I learned more than I thought I would at this internship. I am glad that I took a semester off of class to experience what a busy season is like here at DOZ. 



Chris P – Indiana University – Audit Intern

chris-preocaninThey say the best way to learn is by doing, and I couldn’t agree more. I made the decisions early in my sophomore year that I wanted to do a busy season internship Spring of my junior year. What that actually meant, I didn’t have the slightest clue at the time. After going through the first week of training, I still wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. That being said, the people here really went the extra mile to make sure I felt comfortable with the work I was given and made sure I understood the concepts I was dealing with, rather than doing my work for me. Every day was a new challenge, but I treated them as learning experiences. For me, there was nothing more rewarding than completing a long and messy audit. These experiences not only enhanced my auditing skills, but they helped out my critical thinking skills and mental endurance even more.

Overall, I feel this internship helped develop me into a more well-rounded business student. I would highly recommend this internship to any aspiring accountant who isn’t afraid to sacrifice the time to be a part of something bigger than themselves. At DOZ, interns are treated as fairly as the partners on a daily basis. Seeing how everyone comes together and pushes to complete a firm wide goal is just a testament to the strong culture that has been built here, and is something really cool to witness. Taking a semester off of school to participate in DOZ’s internship is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Elizabeth – Ball State University – Audit Intern

elizabeth-cavanaughInterning at DOZ was the best decision of my college career.  This internship allowed me to apply concepts I learned in the classroom to the real world.  After practicing public accounting, the theories and ideas I learned at school finally made sense.  Now that I have had my experience at DOZ, I am returning to school motivated to continue my studies and pursue an accounting career.

The DOZ internship is a special experience for those eager to pursue a career in public accounting.  The internship is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences because of the expectations placed on the intern. As an intern, the work you complete is really important to the company’s success. Because the company places such high expectations on you, you are really motivated to do your best work. When I first began my internship, I was dreading the long work weeks ahead of me. However, the time went by surprisingly fast, because as an intern, you have many different tasks to complete. During the work day, you become focused on the work to be done rather than looking at the clock all day.

I am thankful to have had this internship, as it allowed me to develop as an accountant and as a person. I have learned so much here in three short months. I highly recommend considering DOZ for a spring internship!

Jacob – Indiana University – Audit Intern

jacob-backesDOZ provides an unmatched internship in the public accounting industry.  As a sophomore, I was expecting to come in and struggle from start to finish, as I had not taken advanced accounting courses in school.  However, DOZ provides superb training and resources that make the transition to the work environment a smooth one.

A critical part of this transition is the evaluation system at DOZ.  From day one, you are provided with insightful information on how to become a better audit professional.  Whether it be formal evaluations with superiors or bi-weekly meetings with Tim, I felt that I improved every single day of the internship.  Another key component that contributes to the efficacy of the DOZ internship is the consistently increasing level of responsibility charged to interns.  As the internship progressed, the work became more dynamic, and it never once felt as if I was completing the same audit over and over again.

DOZ offers the most holistic and encompassing audit internship in the industry.  I would recommend DOZ to every student who desires to take on ambitious responsibilities and put in the effort to exceed the expectations of superiors.  At DOZ, this behavior will allow you to develop skills and knowledge that will translate to a bright future in the professional services industry.

Jordan – Purdue University – Audit Intern

jordan-hockersmithIf you are fortunate enough to earn an internship opportunity with DOZ, I would take it.  My experience as an intern with DOZ was far better than I could’ve ever anticipated.  I was challenged socially, mentally, and physically every day and I believe that the skills that I acquired in just the short three months will stay with me forever.   Completing the internship has boosted my knowledge of accounting and overall confidence in dealing with any problem that comes my way. 

From Day 1, I never once felt like the stereotypical “intern”.  I didn’t spend hours taking people’s lunch orders or running to get the full-timers some coffee.  I felt like a new hire staff from the get go and that, to me, relieved tons of pressure.  Every single person in the office from staff to members talk to you like you belong at DOZ, and it made me want to perform to earn my place.

I have been able to meet people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise met without the internship, and I can honestly say that I have been able to make some real bonds with people at DOZ.  Getting invited to go grab dinner with some staff after work lets you see another side of people, but it also showed me that the people at DOZ genuinely care about the intern program and about creating a culture of helping each other.  DOZ believes in a “rising tide raises all ships” philosophy versus the tearing everyone else down approach.  It’s not a dog-eat-dog atmosphere at all, and it’s great to know that everyone here has your back because when one person wins, the entire firm wins as well.  

Matt P – Purdue University – Audit Intern

matt-pearsonThe internship at DOZ is a tremendous learning opportunity that tested my knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is an understatement that I was nervous going into the first day. As an intern you are given the same amount of responsibility as the staff to complete an audit from start to finish. This is something that many internships don’t provide, but DOZ is fully invested in their interns to be a crucial part of their success, which in turn, made me want to do my best work all the time.

The internship is about three months long. You are required to work 60 plus hours a week, which can seem overwhelming; however, the work keeps you so busy that the internship is over before you know it.  Even after the week of training, there is so much I have yet to learn in order to complete the goal of 33 audits. On my way to finishing my goal, I learned to become more effective in managing my time, learning the software, and becoming more comfortable with the real estate industry in general. With all of these tasks it may seem impossible, but the staff is there at your side the whole time to answer questions and provide guidance.

What really stood out about DOZ was that the employees, staff, and managers are all available to help whenever you have a question. I could tell that they cared about helping me succeed.  You also get to meet with a mentor every two weeks to get feedback about what you do well and ways you can improve in order to be the most effective employee possible. This was definitely a positive experience in my journey, and I didn’t feel like an intern, but a valued employee at DOZ. I would recommend DOZ to all who are looking to further their accounting knowledge, but also their business skills as you learn to become the best employee you can be.

Morgan – Ball State University – Audit Intern

morgan-jarvisMy internship at DOZ was so much better than anything I could have imagined. The thought of working 60-65 hours a week, in a town I wasn’t familiar with, and with people I had never met before terrified me. Looking back at it now I can’t believe how nervous I was. From the first time I visited DOZ, I could tell there was something special about this place. The thing that sets DOZ apart from any other accounting firm is the people who work here. I was always so nervous that I would get stuck in an audit, and there would be no one to help me or they would be too busy. In my time here, I never came in contact with something that I didn’t feel comfortable enough to have a conversation with. Everyone was so easy to go up to and start a conversation with and was always willing to help. You can tell that the people who work here truly care about each other and want everyone to do well and succeed. There were times where I felt so discouraged and like I was never going to finish an audit. In those times, it was so nice to have so many people to turn to for help or to just take your mind off of things. If you’re looking for a place to intern, I would highly recommend coming to DOZ! It’s a decision I will never regret!


Nate – Indiana University – Audit Intern

Indiana University Kelley School of Business 04.01.2015Deciding to take the internship offer from DOZ may have pushed my graduation date back, but I gained invaluable experience in audit and a glimpse into what the busy season at a public accounting firm looks like. Most importantly, I came out of the internship knowing that I had chosen the right field of work for my career.

As an audit intern at DOZ, you can expect to be continuously challenged to learn and grow as an individual. Every day on-the-job, I was presented with a new set of problems and given the tools to solve them. Over the course of a few months, I had the opportunity to complete work for several of DOZ’s clients, and I learned what it takes to perform an audit.

It was apparent from the start that DOZ’s leadership are truly invested in the professional development of their interns. The staff also works hard to make you feel like an integral part of the firm. Another aspect of the internship that I enjoyed was rotating client engagements every couple of weeks. For me, having the opportunity to learn from different audit staff members and to work on a variety of audits week-to-week was exactly what I had hoped for. My audit internship at DOZ was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, and I would recommend it to any aspiring accounting professional who is looking for a challenging internship in public accounting like no other.

Olivia – Ball State University – Audit Intern

olivia-hatteryI knew DOZ was a firm I was interested in from the first time I heard about them at an Accounting Club meeting at Ball State. Their staff just seemed to have the personalities that the other firms didn’t, and that made the firm very appealing to me. This feeling continued as I attended my first summer office visit and was overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone I met. After attending office visits to other firms, I still was left with the feeling that there was something special about DOZ that was missing at these other firms. This made my decision easy. When I was offered an internship at DOZ, I knew I had to accept it. Accepting an internship at DOZ was the best decision I could have made. The amount of hands-on experience and feedback I received was far more than I expected. I came into the internship with no audit experience and lots of confusion, but I left feeling confident in the work I had done and in my abilities to be successful in the field.



Thomas – Ball State University – Audit Intern

thomas-mikosIf you’re looking for a firm that puts your skills to the test and challenges you each and every day, look no further than Dauby O’Connor and Zaleski. An internship here will challenge every part of you – but you will grow significantly as an individual. I have learned and grown so much as not only an accountant, but a business professional, during my internship at DOZ. As an audit intern, I had a faint idea of what “auditing” was before I started my internship. Now, after one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life, I feel confident with the knowledge and skills that I have developed at DOZ to begin my accounting career.

One of the most compelling features that DOZ offered is the company culture that it maintains. The people who you meet here are some of the most intelligent, kind, and interesting individuals. While the work may be something that draws you in, the people will be the reason you want to stay. They truly enhance the experience and make the long, 12-hour work days something to look forward to. Everyone here wants you to succeed. Being an intern at DOZ has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I fully encourage anyone to seek an internship at DOZ.

Tyler – IPFW – Audit Intern

tyler-davisMy decision to intern at Dauby O’Connor and Zaleski, LLC was hands down one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.  DOZ excels at challenging their interns to the limits, so they can grow their professional skills in the accounting field immensely.  DOZ promised all of the audit interns that they would get the opportunity to complete entire audits from start to finish, which they kept throughout the entire internship.  This was extremely valuable because I was able to gain hands-on experience of the entire audit process, while many other firms only allow their interns to master an individual series such as cash, receivables, or payables.

Not only does DOZ provide the best professional growth of any internship in Indiana, but they also provide the most caring and welcoming atmosphere that I have ever experienced or seen in my entire life.  From the first audit you complete to the last, the DOZ staff takes pride in helping the interns progress their skills by taking time out of their busy days to help explain any series that you may be struggling to understand.  DOZ’s firm-wide willingness to help, provide feedback, and care for their interns turned “work” into a passion that made me excited for work, and I never wanted to leave.

If you are willing to accept and conquer the most challenging busy-season internship in Indianapolis, I guarantee that you will leave with professional growth, life-long friends, and confidence that will help best lead you to achieving your future career goals. I was willing to accept this challenge, and now cannot thank DOZ enough for this amazing internship opportunity, and for all the firm has done for me over the past three months of my internship. 

Eric (“ELO”) – Indiana University – Audit Intern

eric-loweryDuring my internship with DOZ, I learned what accounting truly is. DOZ offered a real world experience that no classroom or summer internship could ever show me.  From the start you are treated as staff, meaning you need to complete and write full audits yourself. While the task seems daunting, there are plenty of friendly faces who are more than willing to help you out. After completing your first audit on your own, you feel a true sense of accomplishment unlike anything you’ve ever felt from the classroom. But there is no time to waste since the next audit is right around the corner for you to begin.

Throughout the internship you are constantly learning new information. When first starting, I felt overwhelmed, but by the end of the 12 weeks I felt like a new person, and I was confident in my abilities to produce a quality audit. DOZ does a great job of continually teaching you new concepts, skills, and strategies to help you improve. Due to the countless review notes, evaluations, and one on one lessons with In Charges and Managers, I believe I was able to make great strides in my abilities as an accountant.

I believe DOZ offers the most challenging and rewarding internship out there. If you truly want to learn what auditing is and the skills needed to be an accountant, there is no better internship out there. While there will be difficulties along the way, you will learn more than any classroom can provide. If you want a true challenge and an incredible learning opportunity, then the DOZ internship is for you!

Andy – Olivet Nazarene – Audit Intern

andy-cowenThe DOZ audit internship is a journey. You will find yourself constantly challenged by high expectations, occasionally overwhelmed with tough tasks, and frequently faced with making difficult decisions. The sheer amount of hours alone will be an adjustment. However, at the end of the 12 week period you will have grown and learned as both an auditor and a person. Why DOZ? Many would say the people. You are paired with a “buddy” who will help guide you and answer both general and tough questions as you maneuver your way through busy season. You will meet staff, in-charges, managers, and partners, who care about your growth and development within the walls of DOZ and outside them. You will be faced with difficult challenges and high expectations from day 1. You will feel like the work you are doing is essential to the success of the firm, because it is! You will receive consistent feedback from those who will identify your strengths and provide constructive criticism for your weaknesses– from employees who want to help improve both your technical and personal skills throughout the journey. Overall, the DOZ internship is a great experience. You will develop strong relationships with the DOZ family in a short amount of time. You will be thrown into difficult situations that will stretch you as a person. You will gain confidence in your abilities, and have made some $ and friends- like Stark, Slim Shadday, BJAG, Scooter “the resident razor” and many others- along the way.

Cody – Indiana Wesleyan – Audit Intern

cody-whitisWhen searching for an internship, my main focus was finding somewhere that would give me the opportunity to complete work that was challenging and beneficial to expanding my knowledge as an auditor.  I found this at DOZ.  While the DOZ internship can seem daunting at first (roughly 35 audits in 3 months), I quickly realized that with hard work and a positive attitude, it is attainable.

The reason it is attainable is because of the support that DOZ gives to their interns.  There wasn’t a single time in my internship that I didn’t feel 100% comfortable walking up to anyone in the building and asking a question.  Many people at DOZ started at the intern level, so they understand what it is like to be in your shoes and are always more than willing to help.  If you’re looking for an internship that is challenging, rewarding, and a great learning opportunity, DOZ is the place for you.



Mike – Purdue University – Audit Intern

mike-szromIf you’re looking for an internship that truly does give you the true real-world experience of public accounting and allows you to do meaningful work as an intern, then DOZ is that place to go. I can honestly say that compared to other internships, the experience and knowledge that you gain during your time as an intern at DOZ is second to none. From the get-go you’re given full audits to complete by yourself (you’ll of course have help available to you when needed), and you’re immediately looked at as any other staff on DOZ’s team. The internship process as a whole has been one of the most frustrating, overwhelming, but rewarding experiences I’ve ever gone through, and I believe that’s how an internship should be. The amount of growth you see in yourself is truly surreal when you begin to look back at everything you’ve done during the twelve week period, and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.

If you want to surround yourself with people who genuinely care about your well-being, perform meaningful tasks as an intern, truly test yourself and knowledge, and learn more than you ever will in any classroom, then Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski is the internship you want.


Dylan – Ball State University – Tax Intern

dylan-smithThe tax internship at DOZ has been one of the most challenging, but rewarding, experiences I’ve had. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained at DOZ in one busy season far surpasses what I would’ve learned in the classroom. Learning everything for tax was stressful in the beginning, but I was able to push through and feel I am far better off. Learning many of the different rules and situations in tax never seemed to end. There is always something to improve on personally, and DOZ did a great job in giving me work that provided a challenge. As time passed, the issues I encountered in the beginning of the internship didn’t seem nearly as bad as before, and that would be thanks to the staff that helped teach me how we handle all these different scenarios.

What I have enjoyed most about the internship is the other people in the office. When I had a question, there was always someone willing to help out and teach me what to do. I know I asked more questions than I care to count at the start, but the other employees are always willing to lend a hand. Being that we are in the office for about 58 hours a week, to have other people around you with great attitudes is one of the best traits of a Company, in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is looking to be challenged.

Kyle – IUPUI – Audit Intern

kyle-goykeParticipating in DOZ’s internship program was one of the most rewarding and challenging opportunities I have ever experienced. Having made a career change after five years of work experience in another field, DOZ provided the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience to make this important change in my life a reality. I was unsure earlier on in pursuing my accounting degree if it would be worth quitting my full-time career in order to work as an intern. However, after visiting the office, talking with other employees, and learning about DOZ culture, I was confident in leaving my career and starting an internship with the accounting firm. DOZ guaranteed a high quality experience that would provide great opportunity in future endeavors due to DOZ’s respectful reputation. They surpassed my expectations both personally and professionally. DOZ’s high expectations continually motivated a hard work ethic in me, and each day brought new challenges, which made coming to work exciting. DOZ’s positive atmosphere and encouraging coworkers, who openly communicate and are willing to aid interns in succeeding, helped in the completion of audits, report writing and final reviews. DOZ also provides interns with helpful feedback biweekly through evaluations, allowing interns to know how they can improve and succeed in meeting firm expectations. They assign a buddy to each intern with whom you can exchange personal experiences, and are also able to provide helpful advice throughout the internship. DOZ truly cares for and respects the wellbeing of their employees and encourages a positive work-life balance for them and their interns just as much. DOZ put an extensive amount of effort in making sure there was plenty of fun involved throughout the busy season by allowing interns to participate in interactive games, after-work social events and even the company holiday party. The internship experience at DOZ is not one to take for granted. It has not only enriched my career choice but has empowered me personally.

Justin – Ball State University – Audit Intern

justin-shaddayWow, what a positive experience my first busy season in public accounting has been. Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski’s audit internship is an inviting challenge that offers endless opportunities and steady growth. These characteristics are a huge part of why I decided to come to DOZ, and plan to stay with DOZ. Looking back, I have advanced in my confidence and abilities further than I would have ever imagined. This internship is more than challenging.  I was flexed and pushed every week, on every client, but all for the betterment of my professional skills and personality. You are responsible for attending bi-weekly evaluation meetings, communicating with management about upcoming engagements, and knowing your schedule for client changes/expectations. These are just a few things that built my character for a promising career that I never experienced in the classroom. The capacity of knowledge I was able to retain from this internship is unbelievable. I was responsible for completing over 30 entire engagements from beginning to end. I worked on clients all over the United States. I learned more about capitalization policies and property, plant, and equipment than I ever actually comprehended while attending lectures, because I got to see it up close! You are doing REAL work, on REAL clients, with REAL numbers during this internship, and that experience is priceless. As a student, I came into DOZ having never worked on an engagement before, not to mention never taking a single audit class, but that is 100% okay! DOZ has a very well structured training program that gives you a taste, in the first week, of what you will encounter during your internship. The “Open Door Policy” at this firm is exactly as it sounds. You WILL have questions and there is ALWAYS someone around to assist you, from staff all the way to partners. You are not just a blip on the radar at DOZ. The work you perform as an audit intern is so important to the success of this firm; it is evident that they appreciate your work and constantly remind you. Not just verbally, although there are plenty of positive compliments, but with the  “Work Hard, Play Hard” motto: happy hours, chair massages, cash rewards, Pacers tickets, intern games and more, all to show the employees that their work is not going unnoticed. 

Payton- IUPUI – Audit Intern

payton-reinoehlThroughout my time as an intern at DOZ, it has been a constant learning experience. I can remember the utter cluelessness I felt during my first week on the job toward concepts which now feel like second nature. Paramount to the educational aspect of the internship program, I have been consistently challenged with more complex tasks as the internship has progressed. At no point, however, did I not have the necessary resources and people around me to guide me through it. While it certainly has not been a cake walk completing the workload I have had the past few months, I feel as though I have been given the tools I needed to succeed and reach my potential.

One of my favorite parts of the internship has been the degree of autonomy that flows from the top down. Most weeks, I would have a given workload, but when and how I want to get my work done has been largely up to me. At DOZ, they understand the inefficiency of micromanaging and allow you to take on more responsibility. Overall, I think this has allowed me to invest more heavily in my duties and produce quality work.

Something which sets DOZ’s audit internship apart from others is the nature of their audits. I have gotten to see the audit process essentially from start to finish. I feel like this has given me a deeper understanding of auditing. Coming into the internship, I had nearly zero exposure to the audit process. Working at DOZ has certainly changed this.

When I was looking at internships for this spring, I decided upon DOZ largely because of my interactions with the staff. This initial assessment couldn’t have been more spot on. Everyone has been more than willing to help and done so with positive attitudes. Above all else, the best part of my internship was establishing relationships with everyone here at DOZ.

Overall, I am glad that I took the semester off to work at DOZ and am thankful for the opportunity they gave me. It has helped me to develop as a professional, it has given me a deeper understanding of the practical applications of accounting concepts, and most importantly, I have established positive relationships with genuinely good people.

Matt H – Ball State University – Audit Intern

matt-harrisThe main reason that I wanted an internship was for the experience. I would never know if accounting was truly for me without one. DOZ offered me that experience by trusting me with the same responsibilities as a staff member. Since this is a spring internship, I was hesitant to accept the offer at first. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up a semester of schooling to work, until I realized that the main reason I went to college was to get a job. DOZ gave me this opportunity. I didn’t know what to expect coming in, and that frightened me. After a week of training, all responsibilities of completing audits were on my shoulders. I was expected to learn and grasp concepts quickly, and complete audits from start to finish. However, there was always someone willing to drop whatever they were doing to come help. It was obvious to me how much DOZ truly values, appreciates, and respects the interns and work that they contribute. The goal is to give the interns room to grow independently as an accountant, but the staff will never let you fail.

During most of my internship experience, I worked in teams with DOZ staff and managers beside me. This was beneficial because I could easily ask for assistance when an audit became difficult, and they would coach me to understand the issue. I developed skills that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life. Outside of growing my accounting skills and knowledge, I developed better practical skills. DOZ offers biweekly one-on-one meetings to discuss how everything is going, and areas that I could improve on. The amount of feedback I received about my work continually improved my audits. I was able to keep review notes from managers, and look over them after completing each audit so I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

My experience at DOZ has been the one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in my life. I grew as an accountant, professional, and as a man. Interning at DOZ was the best decision I have made, and I am blessed for this opportunity.

Adam – Purdue University – Audit Intern

adam-pluardMy internship at DOZ was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life. The choice of prolonging one’s graduation and embarking on the journey of an accounting internship during busy season can be an intimidating choice to think about. After having the opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of what DOZ is really about, as well as meeting many of DOZ’s great employees through the interview process, the choice was not so daunting.

Through talking with fellow peers going through internships at other public accounting firms, the experience and feedback given to interns was incomparable. As an intern at DOZ, I was able to complete full audits from beginning to end.  My first audits were very challenging, and I could at times be very frustrated. Through the great feedback process that DOZ provides, by the end of busy season, I was successfully completing difficult work that I never thought I would see as a student in college. The tasks given to me during my internship pushed my skills of critical thinking, communication, and problem solving to new levels.

Looking back on it now, I do not believe that there is a better internship program out there that better prepares an individual for any career in public accounting. The people, the environment, and the structure of the firm make it an amazing place to work.  The amount of new people who I was able to meet, experience I gained, and skills I improved upon throughout my internship are things that I will value for the rest of my life.

Tom – Butler University – Audit Intern

tom-leclereMy time at DOZ has been one of the most rewarding times of my college career. Over the three months of the internship, I was able to apply what I had been taught in the classroom and bring it to life in the real world. I also learned things while being an intern that I would have never had the opportunity to learn while in a classroom. The first weeks were intimidating, but I never had to go it alone. There was always someone next to me that I could ask questions of and get one on one help with my problems. This really helped put me at ease, especially when the work got tough. It was also helpful to know that just about every full time employee started as an intern, so they know exactly what I was going through. The experience and knowledge that I have gained at DOZ far exceeds any other internship I have gone through. Not only for the fact that I was completing real audits (I know, actual work…crazy), but also for the weekly critique and reviews of my work and the twice monthly meetings with a partner level member to help track my progress. If you are looking to get challenged and learn real world skills, DOZ is the place to go.


Ryan – Ball State University – Audit Intern

ryan-mcmonagleMy internship with Dauby O’ Connor & Zaleski was the most challenging, overwhelming, and rewarding experience of my college career. I was able to get a great feel for my profession of auditing, and an amazing opportunity to see if this was even something I wanted to do after finishing school. I never thought that the 10 – 12 hour days would fly by as fast as they have, but when you enjoy what you are doing and have great people around you, it is possible. There were many instances where I found myself looking at the clock, and saying “It is already 5:30 P.M.?!”

The culture at DOZ also allows for the 60+ hours a week spent in the office to be a very enjoyable time. From the new-hire level all the way up to the Principal’s, someone is always there to help you. Most of the colleagues you are surrounded by have gone through the similar program and know what it is like. The amount of learning that takes place during the course of the internship is incomparable to that of the classroom. The DOZ evaluation process gives you the opportunity to receive feedback for each audit produced. Also, every two weeks you meet with your mentor, Tim Doyle, to discuss your overall progress inside and outside of the firm.

DOZ has not only given me an incredible opportunity to experience an auditing profession, but they have also helped me to enhance my communication skills, time-management skills, and work ethic. The firm promised me at the beginning of recruitment that they are not like any other firm, and that they do things a little different. After experiencing this internship, I can say that they have surpassed their promise by showing me I am cared about, trusted, and relied upon. If you are looking for an internship at a firm, where you are valued, challenged, and surrounded by an amazing group of people pushing you to achieve your professional goals, then DOZ is the right fit for you!

Quinn – Ball State University – Audit Full-time

quinn-mcdonaldMy internship experience at DOZ was slightly different than the other interns. I started as a full time hire with no prior experience. With this being the case, in my mind, I had a lot more to prove since I was done with my schooling and had already passed two sections of the exam. After the first week, those thoughts had left my mind. This internship is a challenge! Performing an audit from start to finish, along with writing the report, on days 6, 7, and 8 of the internship is not an easy task, especially when I was around experienced staff doing the same task, plus more, in less than 12 hours. The great thing is, the slow starts, myriad of questions, and complete lack of knowing what I was doing is all expected. After a while, my confidence and efficiency increased, and I wanted to and was willing to tackle more difficult tasks. What I have learned in two and a half months should allow me to add another degree to my resume.

The best thing about the internship is the people. There are no egos at DOZ. From intern to manager to member, everyone is friendly and engaging. Whether it was the sports talk, movie talk, or the corny accounting jokes that nobody but accountants would understand, the culture at DOZ is great. Failure is not an option, and nobody at DOZ will let that happen. We are a team, and everybody’s actions show that. DOZ provides a great real world experience of public accounting, and I encourage anyone to try and be a part of this great internship program.

Cameron – Ball State University – Audit Intern

cameron-danielsIt can be a scary thing, walking into a big building, with tons of people who already know each other, and trying to do something you’ve only learned a little bit about in school. After day one, those were all things of the past. All of the interns quickly became a group of best friends. Granted, we did spend 12 hours a day together, but we also formed relationships with everyone in the firm. DOZ is full of welcoming people, who want the best for you and will go out of their way to help you. I never thought coming out of a week of training, I would be able to complete an audit from start to finish, but now I have completed 40, along with final foots, report writing and other tasks. I think the coolest thing about this internship is the value the firm puts on each year’s intern class. DOZ completes about 3,000 audits in 3 months (that’s a heck of a lot of work to do). We were expected to learn quickly and work efficiently. My in-charges were so great about helping me when I had questions, but also challenging me to figure out the answers without them giving me the answer. You can tell that everyone in this firm truly cares about one another. If you are looking for a challenging, as well as rewarding internship, hands down, DOZ is the place for you!

Linda – IUPUI – Tax Intern

linda-greathouseMy internship at Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC has been both a challenging and extremely rewarding experience.  From the very beginning, I felt like I was part of a team striving to provide the highest level of professional service.  Under the guidance of the highly skilled and knowledgeable staff at DOZ, in a very short time I have learned more than I ever thought possible.  Most of all, I am so very grateful for having been given the opportunity to participate in this experience, and I will always recommend Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski to anyone seeking either accounting services or employment.  Thank you DOZ!



Taylor – Manchester University – Audit Intern

taylor-priceWhen I first started at DOZ, I was nervous. I had never been through a busy season and had never done an audit. So I was worried that I wouldn’t be up to the task of completing 30+ audits in 3 months. DOZ’s staff were great in the way that they took the time to train you.  They remember being an intern or a new hire, so they know what it is like to be in your shoes! Everyone here wants you to be successful, and they will do whatever they can to help you on the road to being successful. Staff will constantly challenge you to do more audits in a week or give you more difficult audits, all with the intention of making you a better auditor, and a better person.

One of the reasons I chose to work at DOZ was the people. When you start, you will hear many times that everyone at DOZ is nice, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. They aren’t kidding. Everyone that I have worked with or talked to in my time here are the nicest of people. Working a 12 or more hour day is much easier when you are able to sit around a table or in a war room and laugh and have fun. The personality of the people and the firm as a whole is great. It’s a very casual atmosphere, but at the same time everyone is here to get work done.

My advice to anyone that decides to intern at DOZ is if you work hard, put the time in, and listen to the people around you, you will be very successful and have an extremely rewarding experience.

Allie – Purdue University – Audit Intern

alexandra-deanI had never taken an auditing course prior to starting the spring internship at DOZ. After the initial week of training, I wondered how I would ever get to the point of being able to complete 33 full audits over the course of the internship. But the help from experienced staff and first-hand experience of completing every portion of an audit, allowed me to eventually become comfortable enough to complete an audit with minimum questions. Even as an intern, I was given the responsibility of completing audits usually left for full-time staff. At DOZ, you’re not just an intern, you’re a true member of every team that you work on. As an intern, you’re given similar schedule flexibility as other staff members. As an early riser, I was able to come in earlier than my in-charge or sleep-in a little longer on days where I felt like I needed it. As long as you were meeting the hours and expectations of your in-charge for the week, you could be flexible with your daily hours.

The culture at DOZ is exactly as they say it is. Casual dress and a friendly environment made me enjoy coming to work every day. 65 hour weeks can be daunting at first, but when you’re surrounded by people who you can talk to and relate with, it makes it go by that much faster. I never felt like there was any level in the company that I couldn’t talk to, whether it was talking to a lead partner on a client at a team dinner or a fellow intern.

Erik – University of Southern Indiana – Audit Intern


DOZ’s internship program is one of the most challenging and rewarding internships you will find. At first, I was hesitant at the thought of having to take a semester off. I was also not thrilled with the idea of working 60+ hours a week. I definitely had some doubts coming in. However, once the internship started, all of this doubt faded away. I could not believe how easy it was to work the required hours. The days just seemed to fly. The culture of the office is a major reason for this. DOZ has an open environment where you can feel comfortable approaching anyone. From top to bottom, everyone is there to help. As for having to take a semester off, I could not be any happier with my decision. The amount of real world experience I have gained from this internship far outweighs the negatives of pushing graduation back just a little further. The classroom teaches you the principles, but actually getting to apply these concepts in the field makes a world of difference. I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to get a true feel for what it is like to be a public accountant at the busiest time of the year.