Join the Team!

Become part of a CPA Firm that has been in business since 1987 and is nationally recognized as one of the leading public accounting and consulting firms for the affordable housing and community development industries. DOZ will continue to grow at a consistent, measured pace to assure that only the highest level of service is afforded to each client; however, we cannot reach this goal without very good people. If you are one of these people, join a firm that:

  1. Performs audit work in some of the largest and best cities in the United States, based out of one office in Carmel, Indiana and a new office in Austin, Texas.
  2. Provides focused accounting, audit and tax training in the real estate Industry – – become an expert quickly!  Our multiple-review system is proven to work effectively while providing the knowledge necessary to excel in the industry.
  3. Provides a casual and fun work environment where most wear jeans to work everyday!
  4. Provides the best opportunity of all the local firms to promote you into a senior, manager, senior manager, or principal role. 30 professionals were promoted to senior level or higher in 2018. DOZ has tremendous advancement opportunities for you!
  5. Provides timely, relevant and challenging feedback through evaluations and a very strong mentoring system as well as  performance-based awards for hard work and dedication

You’ve worked hard.  You’ve studied hard.  You’ve been involved. Why not begin your career at DOZ? 

DOZ is offering careers to the best and the brightest accounting students and experienced personnel.  We offer:

  1. Spring Internships which generally start the last week of December and end Mid March (for Audit interns) or start the last week of December and end April 15 (for Tax interns).
  2. Fall Internships are offered generally September through December.  Fall internships are offered in audit only.
  3. Full-time opportunities are offered to those who will graduate with the necessary 150 hours to sit for the CPA Exam.
  4. Full-time opportunities are offered to those experienced hires in accounting who want opportunities to grow, be promoted and to have “Life/Work Balance” based on how they define this term in a caring environment.


We believe we offer THE BEST public accounting internship OPPORTUNITY  in the greater Indianapolis based on these 5 points:

  1. Opportunity for practical hands on, real world experiences. Audit interns complete, on average 35 audits, and Tax interns complete, on average, 250 tax returns. Since most learn by doing, this internship opportunity is truly unmatched!
  2. Opportunity to be evaluated and managed. Our interns receive and discuss bi-weekly evaluations, have a one on one bi-weekly session with a Member, and each intern has an identified person on each engagement for all your questions.
  3. Opportunity for a full-time job offer. Over the past 5 years, 90% of our 175 interns received full-time offers to start upon graduation.
  4. Opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere. DOZ offers the most casual, friendly and helpful workplace as evidenced by the testimonials on this website.
  5. Opportunity to make a difference. You will have a hand in providing housing for those in most need in the USA!


We believe this is THE BEST full time public accounting environment in the area based on these 5 points:

  1. In our latest independent survey – 98% feel new ideas are encouraged at DOZ.
  2. In our latest independent survey – 95% feel they have excellent “life/work balance” at DOZ.
  3. 100% of our full-time personnel participate in the Committees which provides each person a voice in the management of the Firm!
  4. 100% of our full-time personnel are involved in community outreach activities.
  5. Our focus is client service, life/work balance, mentoring, advancement, opportunities, flexible scheduling and compensation – a true focus on our greatest assets – our people and our clients.
  6. DOZ is a 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Indiana Top Place to Work!