Why I Chose DOZ


AxelAs I approached graduation from the University of Indianapolis, the reality of my situation became more apparent than ever. I would soon be entering the real world as a public accountant.

I was blessed with intelligence and work ethic which gave me the ability to succeed in school, and lucky enough to have wise role models to encourage me to use that ability. Because of this, I put myself in a position to have a choice of different firms to start my career. The main firms that attracted me were DOZ and EY. I truly struggled with making my decision final. EY and DOZ were easy for me to differentiate, but I had a tough time deciding what I wanted.

At the time, EY seemed like the “major league” firm. They audited the big companies with the names that I recognized. They showed me around their office on the 15th floor of the biggest building in town. They took me to their company suite at an NBA game. The only downside was the constant travel and long hours that I had heard about. EY addressed this by saying that could be managed.

DOZ, on the other hand, was a small firm that was in an extremely focused industry. They audited smaller companies that are unknown to most everyone. I was worried about the limitations this imposed on my career. DOZ explained these by saying I would get a deep understanding of the industry, and other firms make you specialize later in your career anyway. DOZ’s strength was the genuine care they showed during the recruiting process. I received regular emails checking in on how I was doing, met for lunch consistently to catch up, and even received hand-written notes thanking me for my time.

Through discussions with DOZ, EY, and my family and friends, I came to the conclusion that the environment at DOZ was more valuable than the “glamour” of the EY position. Looking back, I am so grateful that I made this decision. The hours alone at DOZ are much better than what I would have experienced elsewhere, and I get to sleep in my own bed 95% of the year. But the biggest benefit of beginning my career at DOZ has been the connections I have made, opportunities I have been given, and fun I have had all because of my time here at DOZ.