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Related Party Treatment

Posted on 21st February 2012

Written by: Jessica Cooper Not-For-Profit Treatment It is obvious through the redesign of the Form 990 that the IRS is concerned about the involvement of nonprofit entities in organizational structures and the transactions going on within those structures.  Schedule R is where related organizations and various related party transactions are required to be reported on Form 990.  A great deal… Read more »

Opportunities and Obstacles

Posted on 17th January 2012

Written by: Nancy Morton Opportunities and Obstacles There are multiple opportunities and obstacles facing affordable housing projects during their life span.  One of the more complex decisions is to determine how and when to exit the project.  There are several items to consider when making this determination in order to effectively and efficiently exit the project… Read more »

Looking Ahead

Posted on 14th January 2012

Written by: Jeff Lathrop Getting Ready for the Annual Audit The annual audit of your property’s financial statements is a chore few people relish.  The journey and the outcome of the audit are dependent on your preparation.  The following are some basic guidelines to follow in preparing for the annual audit: Plan The critical element in… Read more »

Capital Recovery Notes

Posted on 11th January 2012

Written by: Ryan Strutz As many Mark to Market (M2M) project owners know by now, their projects are required go through many more painful levels of review than any other HUD project.  M2M projects are required to first have an annual financial statement audit completed by a CPA, financials are then reviewed by REAC and HUD,… Read more »

Audit Fee Costs

Posted on 13th October 2011

Written by: Kenny Dennison It’s budget time.  The affordable housing industry is not immune to economic challenges, and therefore like no time before, every dollar counts.  In order to position projects to fulfill their mission to the residents and owners, management agents should maximize the profit generated in their affordable housing portfolio by staying knowledgeable on… Read more »

LIHTC Investor-Yield

Posted on 5th October 2011

As Featured in NAHMA NEWS • May June 2011 Written by: Nancy Morton The economic downturn initially put many of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)-motivated Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) investors on the sidelines, resulting in a huge oversupply of LIHTC deals. As a result, yields to investors spiked in 2009 and early 2010, which attracted… Read more »