Industries & Experience

Since 1987, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC (DOZ) has been specializing in the affordable housing and community development industries which allows us to help our clients navigate and succeed in a very complex regulatory environment.  We believe in linking arms of our clients with regulatory agencies to provide quality affordable housing and community services for all.  Our clients continually rely on the expertise provided by DOZ.


Accounting and auditing

DOZ performs over 3,100 audits annually for real estate entities owning and managing multifamily apartment communities and 100 syndicated funds that have been formed to invest in these entities.  In addition, we frequently work with organizations engaged in community development endeavors. The annual audits are typically a requirement of the financing  or grant documents or entity formation agreements.  We stay current with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) and receive continuous training in audit, accounting, government and compliance issues.

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DOZ prepares the annual federal and state income tax returns for over 3,000 multifamily housing related entities.  The ownership entities include partnerships, regular C corporations, sub chapter S corporations, limited liability corporations, not-for-profit corporations, and individuals.  DOZ has been engaged to perform research in the complex body of tax law applicable to real estate, and as a leader in the industry has valuable expertise in the area of Low Income Housing Tax Credits.  DOZ has devoted substantial time and resources working with our clients in order to understand and comply with the new requirements applicable to IRS form 990.

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DOZ’s capabilities stretch beyond these primary areas of service to asset management advisory, financial statement analysis, and performance studies.  Due to our high level of technical expertise resulting from over 25 years as a firm in the real estate industry, DOZ regularly consults clients in regards to financial projections and deal structures for new projects.  DOZ’s understanding of both pre-development and operation stages of a project provides clients greater opportunities to create a successful, sustainable development.

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