William D. Farrington, CPA

William D. Farrington, CPA

Audit Member

Experience Highlights


Bill has been in financial and management executive positions in industry and public accounting since 1981. His experience includes five years on the audit staff of Coopers & Lybrand during the early 1980s, financial and management positions with manufacturing entities from 1986 through 1997, and public accounting since 1997 devoted to multifamily real estate development, construction/development, and property management activities. Bill’s experience includes accounting and reporting system design and implementation; responsibility for banking relationships, shareholder communications, and risk management; coordination and implementation of private and public securities offerings and audit engagements with an emphasis in real estate, manufacturing, construction, and mergers/acquisitions.

Bill has completed audits on limited partnerships, general partnerships, and corporations ranging in size from small rural development partnerships to large corporations. The primary users of the financial statements generated by Bill have included HUD, RD, partners, and shareholders.

Bill has considerable experience in LIHTC development, financial management, transaction structure, and financial presentation in both private and public accounting. Bill’s role has included both consultation and direct responsibility in the development and execution of business plans, the raising and application of various sources of capital, and the presentation of the results of operations for a wide range of business entities.


B.A., Franklin College – Franklin, Indiana

Professional Organizations

-Member, Indiana CPA Society